Who Was O-Block rapper ARoy? Rapper Aroy Shot and Killed in Viral FB Live Death Video

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Unfortunately, here is the shocking news available which will definitely shock you and you will mourn after knowing the news. According to the information, this person namely ‘A Roy’ has been passed away. He was an American rapper who died tragically.

Who was ARoy

After his death, there is a video that is getting viral over the internet and people sharing it on their social media handles. But even after the video many people confused about that is it real or not and what is the cause of death. So let’s begin to know all the information briefly.

Who Was O-Block rapper ARoy?

Roy Oblock shooting video is now going viral and in this video, you can see that he was shot dead. His numbers of fans and netizens shared their condolences with his family. On the basis of available details, the investigation has been started of this case and definitely, we will get many more updates. Currently, there is no statement available that can confirm anything regarding the matter.

While some of the people claim that behind this incident there is a Chicago Rapper who is the prime suspect. However, the official statement is yet to come. Probably the dead body has been sent for autopsy which will clear many things and help cops to investigate the case.

He was a 20-year-old American rapper and died tragically. The cause of death is he was shot dead by someone. The name of the criminal is not yet confirmed. He made his life private and that’s there are many details like his family, girlfriend and other personal details that are not available on the internet.

The Wikipedia page is yet to be made. The available information said that went away from the person and he takes out his gun and starts shooting at him. He shot him multiple times and he died on the spot.

The media reports say that the suspected person was running away after shooting at Roy Oblock. The rapper Roy Oblock was admitted to the hospital but the doctors confirmed that he was already dead.

After knowing about the news all the people send condolences to his family. For further information, you can bookmark the page in your browser and get all the updates related to this news on time.

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