‘Imagine Selling Your Future At N7 Per Day’ – Peter Okoye Brings To Light The Reality Of Selling Votes For Money

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As many people continue to frown over the issue of vote buying during the election, Nigerian singer Peter Okoye has sent an important message to Nigerians.

In a post shared on Instagram, Peter Okoye gives details of the implication of selling one’s vote.

According to Peter Okoye, selling one’s vote at the rate of ten thousand Naira will amount to selling one’s future for seven Naira per day when divided by four years.

While urging Nigerians to get their PVC Peter Okoye said people should also make the message on vote buying go viral, perhaps some other people can think twice about selling their votes.

He wrote: “Assuming you sell your vote for N10000 divide it by 365 days in a year and that’s around N28 divide further by 4 years and that’s approximately N7.”

“Now imagine selling your future at a rate of N7 per day. I suggest we make this go viral, maybe on social media, billboards, placards, t-shirts. Perhaps If people see it from this perspective, they will think twice about selling their votes. Get your PVC”

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