Desperate Housegirls Season 2 Episode 1-13 (Complete) Mp4 Download

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Desperate Housegirls

Desperate House girls (Series) tells the different stories of young house girls in the homes of their respective bosses. Omolola is an ambitious girl who would do anything to achieve her dream of being an actress. Nkechi is caught up in keeping up the appearance of being pregnant to her bosses while Imabong is embroiled in a head to head battle with Shawn who has sworn to take his mother’s property from her. Meanwhile The Elliotts struggle to find the right househelp as each new househelp always turns out to be worse than the previous one.

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_1_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 55.8 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_2_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 46.3 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_3_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 36.1 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_4_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 44.7 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_5_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 46.2 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_6_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 46.9 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_7_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 53.2 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_8_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 44.4 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_9_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 57.8 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_10_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 47.3 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_11_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 46.7 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_12_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 57.0 MB

Desperate_Housegirls_Season_2_Episode_13_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 50.6 MB

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