Can You See The Hidden Number? Only 20% Can See The Number

Optical Illusion

When it comes to optical illusions, the internet can’t seem to get enough of them. For some, it’s always an enjoyable task, but for others, it’s a puzzle. Recently, the internet has been flooded with new and amazing optical illusions that have left netizens perplexed.

Our day wouldn’t be complete without a mind-boggling optical illusion given the growing trend. We can also help if you have a craving for more. This optical illusion will make you think in new ways, so sit down and secure your seat. It is said that just 20% of people can spot the number that is hidden in this confusing image. The puzzling brain teaser was posted by @pasillusion, a magician on TikTok. He asked, “What do you see in this picture?” posting the illusion on the social media site. Learn more about Can You See The Hidden Number? Only 20% Can See The Number optical illusion from this article below.

Can You See The Hidden Number? Only 20% Can See The Number

New day, new optical illusion! A number is hidden behind a black and white stripes in this optical illusion shared on TikTok. The issue is that not everyone can see the number in this optical illusion.

The illusion was uploaded by TikTok magician @pasillusion with his 6,300 followers, who were tasked with finding the “hidden” number inside some black and white diagonal lines.

image Image Source: Pinterest

He asked, “What do you see in this picture?” by posting it on social media. The illusionist claimed that only 2 out of 5 people can find numbers, and many of his followers did indeed have trouble doing so.

It’s just lines, wrote one user and another said, Maybe try twisting your phone.

Can You See The Hidden Number?

When you first see the picture, some might find it very soon and some might take some time to find it out and there are some people who will never find it out at all until and unless someone spots it and tells them. Now, look at the above-given picture and find out which category you are in. If you are in the 1st two categories, it’s absolutely fine and if you are in category number three, don’t worry, our solution below is for you people and with our guidance, you will be able to acknowledge it.

Only 20% Can See The Number In This Optical Illusion

Only two out of five people can find the number, said …er of this illusion, and this claim is unarguable when analyzing the illusion.

Can you now identify the number? What number do you see, if you answered yes? Just sit and analyze the image and come to a conclusion now. 

Although the answers from the followers varied, many claimed to have seen a 7, and the majority claimed to have seen a 17 in the lines.

If you can’t see a number, he advises holding off until you take a closer look at the image.

Although everyone viewed things differently, the majority claimed to have seen a 17 and many claimed to have seen a 7.

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